The Great Canadian E Bike Adventure

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Great Canadian E Bike Adventure

Welcome to a new era in mountain biking.   Advances in battery and engineering technology has allowed adventure enthusiasts to take biking to the next level.  Canadian combines this new technology with their passion for the outdoors to take you to new places.   This is an active adventure, but not as strenuous as riding a regular mountain bike.

The boost from the electric engine makes biking really really fun!!! This interactive tour will take you to the 140 foot Alexander Falls in the Callaghan Valley through a pristine old growth forest near 1000 year old trees and a beautiful river.

Guests will enjoy gaining local knowledge from experienced guides and tips to improve bike skill levels.  All safety equipment is included and guests will enjoy riding high performance, 500 watt, dual suspension electric mountain bikes.


E BIke Tours 9:00 am / 12 Noon / 3:30 pm Daily

Tour Requirments

Must be able to ride a bike.  Experience riding off-road (on gravel or trails) is strongly recommended.

Departs: 9:00am, 12:00pm, 3:30pm
Duration: 3 hours (round trip) includes transport to Callaghan Valley
: Adult: $139.00 Adult

Minimum Age is 14 Years

Minimum height 5’4

Maximum Weight 275 lbs


This tour runs at 9 am / 12 pm / and 3:30 pm daily.

Contact us to get more information and to book this activity.

  • Must be able to ride a bike
  • Must be at least 14 years old
  • Must be at least 5’4
  • Maximum Weight is 275 lbs
  • Must wear closed toe shoes
  • All Safety gear including helmets, gloves, glasses and rain jackets and high powered 500 watt, dual suspension electric bike are included.

24 hour cancellation policy