Escape Room Whistler

Can you Escape them all?

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Escape Room Whistler

Pirate Ship
Are you ready to escape the Pirate Ship?

You and your mates have been taken prisoner aboard the ship of a ruthless gang of Pirates. While in jail, you over hear the guard talking about a treasure map the Captain has, hidden somewhere on board the ship. That night, once the guard falls asleep, you decide to try to break out of jail, find the map, and go searching for the treasure…

Lost Tomb
Are you ready to escape the Lost Tomb?

Legend has it there is an ancient Tomb in South America which contains a priceless gold idol. While trekking through the jungle, deep in the Amazon, you discover the Tomb which has sat undisturbed for a thousand years. Though the Tomb is said to be cursed you decide to go in to explore. But once inside, the entrance closes behind you, trapping you within the chamber. Your only option is to journey deeper into the Tomb and hope there is another way out…

Buried Cabin
Are you ready to escape the Buried Cabin?

A massive snowstorm has dropped the most snow on record. Due to extreme avalanche risk, you have been warned not to travel to the backcountry Ski Cabin your friend heard about. But the thought of deep, fresh powder is too tempting and you decide to go anyway. That night, the worst happens… The Cabin is buried by a massive avalanche sealing the front door and leaving you to figure out how to escape…

Rabbit Hole
Are you ready to escape the Rabbit Hole?

While out hiking in the forest, you see a very peculiar Rabbit run by. For some reason you decide to follow and see where it goes. The Rabbit darts around the woods, and suddenly dives head first into a hole in a tree. Spontaneously, you decide to go down the hole to follow it…but now you find yourself in a very unusual place where up is down and weird is normal. Will you ever figure out how to get back to the world you came from?

Prices to Escape!

Adventure Rooms at Escape! Whistler must be booked with a Minimum of 2 players and a Maximum of 6. Having the Maximum players is recommended, simply because more people equals more brain power and more likelihood of Escape!

$30 – Price per player, per adventure (kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult)


Why Book this Activity?
  • Fun for all ages.
  • Great all weather activity
  • Fun / Challenging
  • Great compliment to physically active days

How to Book?

Go directly to EscapeWhistler

Call Escape Whistler at 604.962.1117

Location and Times

Times Offered

12:15 to 7:15 pm Daily

Escapes are Maximum of One Hour


4293 Mountain Square #122 (Base of Whistler Mtn, in The Hilton Hotel)